The 5 Best Gifts for Mom


In terms of great gifts for mothers, flowers are a tried and true classic. Indeed, there’s little else that can bring a smile to a mother’s face quite like being given a beautiful bouquet by their child. If the gifter doesn’t know what their mother’s favorite flower type is, they should embark on a short mission to find out, asking their father first, and if he doesn’t know (which is definitely possible), moving on to her friends. Whatever has to be done, it’s important that the gifter discovers his or her mother’s favorite species of flower, since the surprise will truly blow her away.

Box of Chocolate

A box of chocolates is just as classic and classy a gift as flowers, and it can be given alone or paired with the flowers for a truly overwhelming effect. Regardless of whether a mother has been dieting and exercising to keep in shape, a box of chocolate shared with a loved one now and again certainly won’t hurt. Just as with the flowers, the gifter should find out their mother’s favorite chocolate first if they don’t already know it.

Tickets to a Show

Whether the gifter’s mother has a penchant for musicals, rock concerts, or stand-up comedy events, being given tickets to a fun show is sure to put a smile on her face. Of course, tickets to big events can run for a hefty amount of money, so this gift is likely to be on the “generous” side. Still, if the gifter has the budget to splurge, and there’s an event coming to town that their mother is sure to love, then now might be a great time to invest on an extra special gift.

Day at the Spa

All mothers deserve a day of complete relaxation and rejuvenation every so often. Their children, of course, understand this fully, which is why spa passes are such popular gifts for mom. Many spa gift passes come with a discount price on a pass for two, so the receiver can bring a friend along to enjoy their spa day with. After a full day of being completely catered to, mothers will be equipped to take on life with a re-invigorated energy.

… Or Bring the Spa to Her

Now, this gift is definitely on the far-end of the “generous” spectrum. If the gifter happens to have the means to afford it, and they recently ran into a great deal on a jacuzzi in San Marcos, then it’s possible that the best gift for their mother is a brand new hot tub. Indeed, while a spa day is certainly special, nothing will make the gifter’s mother happier than having the convenience and relaxation of a spa right in their own backyard.

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