Seats 7 
Size Category 17' Model
Swim System AccuFlow Jets
Energy Efficiency
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SwimFit AquaStream

The AquaStream Swim Spa is a 17-foot mini-pool that delivers the most flexibility, fun and benefits for the whole family. This Swimming pool has all the exercise features of the SwimStream with a larger swim area. The AquaStream is a family pool that has everything your backyard exercise and entertainment center needs.


  • Swimboost
    Pump Design

    SwimFit SwimBoost Pump Design

    • One 5hp SwimBoost pump in North America. One 4hp SwimBoost pump in Europe
    • Producing up to 360 US Gal. / 1,362 Liters per minute
    • One 3hp buoyancy pump

  • AquaFlex
    Jet Technology

    AquaFlex Jet Technology

    • Two AquaFlex swim jets
    • Oval design flattens the water for a smoother swim

  • Variable

    Variable Current

    • JetFlex swim system
    • 3.5 mph / 5 kph
    • Adjustable speed
    • Vary flow of water and adjust the intensity

  • AquaChannel
    Shell Design

    Variable Current

    • No reflective wave
    • Keeps swimmer in swim lane
    • Largest unobstructed swim tank
    • Stabilization hip jets

  • Form® Swim Goggles*

    SwimFit FORM Swim Goggles

    • Fitness Coach that swims with you
    • Optical display showing time, distance and pace
    • Real time metrics
    • Measure, track & customize your workouts on the app

  • Workout in Your Own Home


    • You choose when to workout
    • Easy to use – No complicated machinery
    • Work out with privacy

  • Hydraulically Balanced Massage

    Hydraulically Balanced Massage

    • Exclusive e-class jets use a Hydraulically balanced mixture of air and water
    • Designed to give a balance between a deep and soft tissue massage
    • Work out with privacy

  • Dual

    Dual Filtration

    • Located on either side of the swim spa
    • The flow directs debris and oils towards the side of the swim spa for removal by the dual skimmers
    • Increases flow rate of water to the pumps

  • ClearStream

    Clearstream Ionizer

    • 2 x 50 square foot filters
    • Easy access
    • Out of contact and sight of the user

  • High Temperature Thermal Shield Insulation*

    Clearstream Ionizer

    • Foam covers shell and plumbing of the swim spa
    • Helps the swim tank retain heat
    • Great R-Value

  • Heat Retention System

    Heat Retention System

    • Creates a convection oven in the cabinet
    • Utilizes the waste heat that the motors create
    • Black plumbing (pipes) absorb the heat created by the swim spa motors
    • Insulated Floor

  • Thermalmax

    Thermalmax Vents

    • Lock the heat in during fall and winter
    • Let the motors breathe in the spring and summer to prevent over heating
    • Maximize energy efficiency for any season

SwimFit AquaStream Specifications

Shell dimensions 210″ X 93″ / 533.40 cm X 236.22 cm
Height 52.75” / 133.99 cm
Volume 2,400 US gallons / 9,120 L
Weight (Full) 22,990 lbs / 10,431 Kg
Weight (Empty) 2,890 lbs / 1,311 Kg
Size 17 ft
Hydrotherapy seats 2

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