Seats 4-5 
Jets 20
Seating Design Open Concept
Energy Effeciency
Price $$

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Now Available in Suites

Enjoy the extra wide integrated Suite Steps with slip resistant step treads, sturdy handrail and two side planters ready for added natural color plus a bonus storage area inside the step.

The suite also includes a quality Cover Lifter to make lifting, storing and replacing your cover easy and convenient between every use.

*Available at time of purchase only.

Build and Price

The Comfort 2000S

Built for family-style comfort with unmatched quality, our Comfort Collection features deep water stream back channels for maximum enjoyment. Also, enjoy the LED back-lit water fountain and LED-illuminated footwell.

This 4-5 person hot tub has 20 adjustable jets that target shoulders, back muscles, and feet for a massaging hydrotherapy experience. For entertaining or unwinding, the Fountain with Backlit LED Light and 8 exterior corner lights allow you to set the perfect mood.

Select the perfect temperature, jet speed, and lighting scheme using the Digital Controls. A 2 HPR pump powers the spa. The Weather Shield Cover is lighter than traditional vinyl covers and is well insulated to seal in the heat, keep out debris and protect your spa for peace of mind. Each spa comes with cover seal strap latch clamps for extra security. Come home to the elegant Comfort 2000S, the ultimate for relaxation, entertainment and family fun.


  • Ozone

    Ozone System
    Ozone System

    The ozonator produces pure ozone—nature’s powerful oxidizer—that destroys organic and inorganic contaminants instantly on contact!

  • Ambiance LED Lighting Package

    Ambiance LED Lighting
    Ambiance LED Lighting

    LED Perimeter Lighting to illuminate your spa experience into the night.

Comfort 2000S Specifications

Seating Capacity: 4-5 person
Dimensions: 78″ x 67″ / 197 cm x 171 cm
Height: 32" / 81cm
Water Capacity: 180 Gallons / 681 L
Weight Dry: 262 lbs / 119 kg
Weight Full: 1763 lbs / 799 kg
Pumps: 1 Pump
Number of Jets: 20
Lighting: 8 LED Corner Lights (Exterior), Yes LED Footwell Light + Optional Perimeter LED (Interior)
Water Feature: Fountain w LED Light
Ez-Pure Ozone: Optional
Heater(s): 1kw / 4kw
Electrical: Convertible 240v / Convertible 110V
Plug & Play: Yes
Warranty: 5/1 Year Limited
Pillows: N/A
Insulation: N/A

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