Seats 7 
Size Category 12' Model
Swim System AccuFlow Jets
Energy Efficiency
Starting From $26,195.00

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SwimFun PlayStream - Experience The Most Fun Possible

The SwimFun is the perfect mini pool for you and your family! Ideal for both fun and exercise, the 12 ft. SwimFun will help you to get active and stay fit while providing fun for the entire family. The SwimFun Model features two swim jets that complement the natural resistance of water, so you get the most out of your workout. Hydrotherapy and relaxation are built-in, with the contoured seating and massaging jets. The SwimFun is the ultimate life of the party with plenty of fun for everyone.


  • Swimboost
    Pump Design

    SwimFit SwimBoost Pump Design

    • One 5hp SwimBoost pump in North America. One 4hp SwimBoost pump in Europe
    • Producing up to 360 US Gal. / 1,362 Liters per minute
    • One 3hp buoyancy pump

  • AquaFlex
    Jet Technology

    AquaFlex Jet Technology

    • Two AquaFlex swim jets
    • Oval design flattens the water for a smoother swim

  • Variable

    Variable Current

    • JetFlex swim system
    • 3.5 mph / 5 kph
    • Adjustable speed
    • Vary flow of water and adjust the intensity

  • AquaChannel
    Shell Design

    AquaChannel Shell Design

    • No reflective wave
    • Keeps swimmer in swim lane
    • Largest unobstructed swim tank
    • Stabilization hip jets

  • Form® Swim Goggles*

    SwimFit FORM Swim Goggles

    • Fitness Coach that swims with you
    • Optical display showing time, distance and pace
    • Real time metrics
    • Measure, track & customize your workouts on the app

  • Workout in Your Own Home


    • You choose when to workout
    • Easy to use – No complicated machinery
    • Work out with privacy

  • Hydraulically Balanced Massage

    Hydraulically Balanced Massage

    • Exclusive e-class jets use a Hydraulically balanced mixture of air and water
    • Designed to give a balance between a deep and soft tissue massage
    • Work out with privacy

  • Dual

    Dual Filtration

    • Located on either side of the swim spa
    • The flow directs debris and oils towards the side of the swim spa for removal by the dual skimmers
    • Increases flow rate of water to the pumps

  • ClearStream


    • 2 x 50 square foot filters
    • Easy access
    • Out of contact and sight of the user

  • High Temperature Thermal Shield Insulation*

    Thermal Shield Insulation

    • Foam covers shell and plumbing of the swim spa
    • Helps the swim tank retain heat
    • Great R-Value

  • Heat Retention System

    Heat Retention System

    • Creates a convection oven in the cabinet
    • Utilizes the waste heat that the motors create
    • Black plumbing (pipes) absorb the heat created by the swim spa motors
    • Insulated Floor

  • Thermalmax

    Thermalmax Vents

    • Lock the heat in during fall and winter
    • Let the motors breathe in the spring and summer to prevent over heating
    • Maximize energy efficiency for any season

SwimFun PlayStream Specifications

Shell dimensions 150″ x 93″ / 381 cm x 236.22 cm
Height 48.75″ / 123.83 cm
Volume 1,229 US gallons / 4,670 L
Weight (Full) 12,277 lbs / 5,570 kg
Weight (Empty) 1,984 lbs / 900 kg
Size 12 ft
Hydrotherapy seats 9

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