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Hot Tub Start-Up Instructions

Once the spa is filled with water, use an AquaChek test strip to measure the chemical reading from the water coming from your garden hose. Record your findings in the water chemistry log that we provided you.

Please note that the start-up instructions listed in this document may seem different than what is written in the Amerse Spa Care guide. This is because the spa care guide was written for hot tubs that are only using their chemicals for sanitation while your spa will likely use an Ozone System as your primary sanitation system where only a small amount of chemicals may be needed!

Balance your water chemistry in the following order:

Step One

Add the entire contents of the Metal and Stain Control while the jets are turned on to help mix the water. This is used to remove metals that may be in your water that could cause your spa water to have a green tint to it. This product is normally only used each time you fill your spa with water!

Step Two

If needed, use either pH and Alkalinity up OR down to adjust the alkalinity level. Getting the reading to measure between 80 to 120ppm is needed PRIOR to adjusting the pH of the water! You may need to wait a day or two before adjusting the pH level!

Note: If a Vision Cartridge is used, do not install it until the pH and Alkalinity levels are between the desired reading!

Step Three

Add two oz. (half of the measuring cup) of Chlorinating Granules to your water while the jets are running. Note: it usually takes 24 to 48 hrs. for the ozone system to stabilize the water but the chlorine will allow you to use your spa once it reaches your desired temperature. After your ozone system has stabilized the water, only a weekly reading of 1ppm of chlorine will be needed.

Step Four

If needed, use either pH and Alkalinity up OR down to adjust the pH level of your spa water to between 7.2 to 7.8. This must be adjusted after the Alkalinity of your water measures between 80 to 120 ppm.

Step Five

Once each week, add 2 oz. of Shock Oxidizer to your spa to help decrease foam build up in your water and to eliminate any water odor.

With the use of an ozone system and in most cases, you will only need to drain and refill your spa once per year rather than every 3-4 months!